What To Expect Next From LaSundra

Second Chances (Revision - Second Chances second chance :-)

Majestic (Some familiar characters from Second Chance)

Journey (The Shephard Sisters will make appearances, but this will be the start of the new Summers/Winters Series based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama )

Coming Up In The Covered Girls Series will be:

Sister Friends
Dianna has moved to New Orleans and is trying to make up for lost times. Tina is also relocating to New Orleans and is renewing her vows. Simone is being wooed by her culinary instructor. Tracey is being courted by Nicodemus and stalked by Peter. Christina is planning her wedding to Sebastian, while being undermined by his upper-class family, namely his older sister Priscilla, who was Tina's arch-nemesis while in college. The plot will thicken when a new Shephard sister is revealed.

Should I or Shouldn't I
Tracey and Nicodemus are planning their wedding. Dianna is dating. Tina and Jeff are thinking of adopting. Simone is trying to rekindle the flames in her marriage, yet again. Christina is adjusting to being a new mom. Crisis happens when Tracey's oldest son, Lil' J goes missing. Tracey and Big J unite to find their son, leaving Nicodemus feeling unwanted by his soon-to-be bride. Will they make it to "I Do"?